How to Save Your Adsense Account from Invalid Clicks

Do you know that everyday Adsense blocks account of users because of invalid clicks? Many bloggers do clicks by themselves which leads to invalid activity. The main cause of losing your AdSense account is invalid clicks.

You may have done a comparison that sometimes clicks from any country are more but no CPC. The reason behind this problem is invalid clicks.

Why bloggers lose their accounts? It is because of their unawareness.

Where From Invalid Clicks are Coming

Many of the bloggers don’t know the invalid activity of clicks and some do. Let me tell you the procedure by which you can find out the invalid activity of the user.

Step 1: Login to your Adsense account through Analytics.

Step 2: Click on Today On the date in the upper corner.

Step 3: Click on countries and read carefully the data given. 

You may observe that from a country which you have chosen there are lots of clicks but no CPC. It may be a red light for your Adsense account.

How to Protect Your Adsense Account?

There are various methods for protecting your account from being banned.

  1. Detecting IP Adress: If you are a well-known webmaster then you may have no problem with getting the IP address of any user. If you will be able to get the IP address of the user, then block his IP address. If you are unable to fetch IP address, then you must stop showing as on your site for some time. Then showing them back in your site. In this way, you can protect your account from being banned by AdSense.
  2. AICP: You have been confused what is AICP. Don’t worry it is neither any method nor to edit the file of the site. It is just a plugin.  With this plugin, you can save your account from being banned. The full form of the AICP is “Adsense Invalid Click Protector”. You can use this plugin to set a limit of clicks by users. This is the method which you will love to do for saving your account.

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